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Created: Saturday, 25 October 2014 13:37
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Stonebridge Models Greenhouse Build

Stonebridge Models Greenhouse Build by Modelersguild.com

GEDC0171It's funny - Sometimes in this gig, I come across a project that just amazes me. This Greenhouse from Stonebridge Designs is one of those projects. It is remarkably small. This kit I'm told is available in Z, N and HO. Gardener not included.


When opening the kit, I noticed something immediately. It was full, filled up to the brim with stuff. Instructions, a CD with a full compliment of build photos and last, but not least, the 7 or 8 pieces to the kit. Oh, its small.

GEDC0165As you can see this kit is as basic as it can get. I say basic in design but the end result is something! I walked around showing it off for more then a few days. The parts are Task board, glazing and ground turf.

GEDC0167Construction is not something that will take anymore then one nights work. This kit is easily put together, and I say this considering its size. Remember my disability is, in fact, vision.

GEDC0170Thee hardest part of this whole project here is photographing the little gem. This was as close as I could get with my $60 camera (yes this site is made with a $60 camera), opting to further crop and zoom the image with GIMP the free image editor.

GEDC0171I won't be surprised if I go out to build the other scale models as these Greenhouses are very suitable for a small and interesting scene in scale Z thru HO.

Ron Pare

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