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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Welcome to Z Central Station

Welcome to the Z Central Station!  A model railroad site dedicated to 1:220 scale model trains. Z Central Station was created to provide Z Scalers a full featured online community.  Members can share their Z Scale experiences via our discussion forum, photo gallery, classifieds, videos, chat room and more!  Membership to Z Central Station is free!  Have an idea, comment, or concern? Z Central Station has a Contact us link under "My ZCS" menu option.  24 x 7 Active Chat for up to 20 members. Regular scheduled times are Sundays 1PM EST and Wednesdays 9:00PM EST.  Chat is open to any member. Stop in and say Hi!  10,000+ Z scaled image gallery open for all to enjoy.   Home Page Shout Box.13,000+ Forums Postings.  More than 200 free downloads in our Library containing Instructionals, decals, paper/cardstock models, paintchip charts, modeler pad, and more!  Ever wanted to create your own Blog?  Here is your chance to create a Blog on your Z scale layout, modeling project, or even contest entry!  You can add photos, videos, and links to show in your blog.  This is one of the latest modules, I wanted to be sure to re-introduce this powerful  tool for our members use.  It is simple to join Z Central Station with a Free membership!

Free Community Banners Free Z scale community banners are provided for individuals or groups looking to expand their current Z scale modeling group, starting a Z scale modeling group, or just to create a Z scale awareness in their area.  Community banners are displayed on every Z Central Station page.  For more information use the 'Contact us' form.  Z Central Station Private Messaging  ZCS always had the ability to allow private messaging between members but now it is functional for you to use.  When you log in you will notice a PM Notifier just under the search box on every ZCS web page.  When you go to your profile page you will notice several new PM modules.  Here is where you can have ZCS email you when you receive a new PM, compose a PM to another ZCS member by using their screen name.  You can also review sent, received, and deleted private messages.

Free Online Magazines  Here are some online sources for free magazines from various railroad related historical societies.  If you information of other sources let us know and we would be glad to create a link to help other model railroaders.     Keystone Modeler     AC&Y Modeler          Nickel Plate Road Modeler

Privacy Policy  Z Central Station has now adopted a Privacy Policy, effective as of July 30th, 2011.  Z Central Station has a Forum/Chat Disclaimer, effective as of July 31th, 2011.  Z Central Station  Mission Statment.

Wanted!  Z Central Station is looking to add more photos, articles, and kit instructions.  Z Central Station has 270+ documents in our library with 45+ kit instruction documents.  We want to add more for future references.  We would also like to add any articles from a simple kit build, train car repaint, anything to do with Z scale modeling.  For more information or if you need help uploading images and files to ZCS, click on the 'Contact Us' Page.

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    Switcher, L.G.Thek's
    Power Unit.
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Random Modeling Tip

29 Jun 2019 14:39 - John Kellett

A quick and simple method to get rid of the plastic new freight car look is to spray a light coat of Dullcoat.  This will take away the 'toy' train look of your layout.  If you don't have any Testor's Dullcoat you can use any Matte Finish spray to get the same results.  Just a simple spray to each side and let dry.  This can be done to any plastic kits also.


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ZCS Shoutbox

stonysmith - Mon 6 Sep - 22:00

From Keri Denler:At 2:20 pm on 9/6/2021 Thomas Cipelle, my Papa, passed from this world surrounded by his family.

rvn2001 - Sun 6 Jun - 11:42

That's a Dining-Parlor car, not a Dinind-Parlor car....

rvn2001 - Fri 16 Apr - 07:43

REMEMBER The World's Greatest Hobby Online Virtual Train show is Saturday 04-17-2021!!!

rvn2001 - Sun 4 Apr - 10:16

Hoppy Easter everybody !!

Vern1952 - Thu 25 Mar - 21:36

Thanks Thom!

rvn2001 - Wed 17 Mar - 18:10

Vern, I like your switchers!

rvn2001 - Wed 17 Mar - 18:09

Yes, Mike.

GNFan - Sun 14 Mar - 13:01

rvn2001 (Thom): blueberry, or perhaps Northwest wild blackberry? ;-)

rvn2001 - Sun 14 Mar - 10:14

Happy PI Day

rvn2001 - Fri 1 Jan - 01:46

...and...HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

rvn2001 - Fri 25 Dec - 06:14


Jarnett13 - Wed 23 Dec - 21:39

Question about Rokuhan over and under track plan grade do you think this is and will my AZL have any problems?These will be very short trainsThanksJim

stonysmith - Thu 26 Nov - 22:57

Happy Thanksgiving!

rvn2001 - Fri 17 Jul - 21:04

southernnscale - Mon 6 Apr - 01:53

Hope all is keeping safe! Take care!

Jarnett13 - Thu 30 Jan - 21:17

The link to the Nickel Plate Historical site is not good

ZFRANK - Wed 1 Jan - 07:18

Happy 2020!

rvn2001 - Wed 1 Jan - 01:10

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everybody !!!

stonysmith - Tue 31 Dec - 22:15

Happy New Year!

rvn2001 - Wed 25 Dec - 11:01


southernnscale - Fri 20 Dec - 23:38

hope Everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy New Year! in Z land!

soccrdad30 - Thu 28 Nov - 11:48

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

southernnscale - Mon 29 Jul - 16:21

WOW! WOW! :O is all I can say It good to be back! Outstanding Job!!!!!!!!!!!

ZFRANK - Sun 14 Jul - 06:52

Looking foward to the AZL RS3, SW1000 and SW1500 :D

soccrdad30 - Thu 4 Jul - 20:11

Happy 4th of July!

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