Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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ZCS Shoutbox

soccrdad30 - Sun 17 Jul - 13:17

I don't think they are planning to close. They want to clear as much out so they don't have to move it all.

ejshelton - Sun 17 Jul - 12:44

That is sad.....Caboose Hobbies was one of the reasons I love Denver

stonysmith - Sat 16 Jul - 20:09

It really stinks about Caboose Hobbies. I really enjoyed visiting that shop.

soccrdad30 - Sat 16 Jul - 12:21

Here is a link to Caboose Hobbies 25% off sale. They lost their lease and have 90 days to move out. Caboosehobbies

soccrdad30 - Thu 14 Jul - 06:53

Here is a link for Atlas's Z scale flex track WooHoo!

BillMock - Wed 13 Jul - 00:18

Cuz! What's up with you?

shamoo737 - Tue 12 Jul - 00:07

HI cousin

southernnscale - Tue 5 Jul - 18:59

Looks like fourth of July went out here with a big Bang!!!

soccrdad30 - Sun 3 Jul - 17:13

Southern Pacific Island Mountain Tunnel Fire: Railroad Recovery Operation - From Archive.org

soccrdad30 - Sun 19 Jun - 12:52

Happy Father's Day!

shamoo737 - Mon 13 Jun - 18:21

I want one Tim length track, plus a Atlas length track, and another Tim length track.

HoboTim - Sun 12 Jun - 22:16

24"? ? ? That literally bites. I was hoping for 36". 36" flex track would give a person so much more Freedom when laying track. I hope they make wood and concrete ties.

Catt - Mon 6 Jun - 12:40

The new ATLAS flex track will be code 55 and 24" long.Got that news this am. :)

southernnscale - Fri 27 May - 13:41

I use the Paint program when sending photo back to Shapeways a lot. It work well but like john said if you resize the photo some time the program doesn't work right when typing notes

SJ-BAZ-man - Fri 27 May - 12:36

If using Paint (and some others), they often 'stretch' or 'fit to page'. Check the Print Settings, Page Setup, etc. and make sure it doesn't resize, scale to, etc.

soccrdad30 - Tue 24 May - 21:16

Hello Tom. You should be able to use the paint program or any other drawing program. These are only jpg images.

t.edmunds - Tue 24 May - 10:32

I can't get the free shipping container models to print correctly. What program am I supposed to be using?ThanksTom

SJ-BAZ-man - Mon 23 May - 02:46

The master: Manfred Lufthttp://www.modellbauluft.de/English-Part/english-part.htmlPremade cast:http://www.modellbauluft.de/English-Part/Product-list-Z/product-list-z.html

Burgruine - Sun 22 May - 07:59

www.bestagernet.de If you are interested to build a castle ruins, you can buy a PDF-eBook with 100 pages and more than 320 photos (after payment you get a downloadlink).Written in German.

mdvholland - Fri 29 Apr - 14:01

Here is @ http://inari.net.pl/index.php/en/modele/modele-mostow-2/modele-z

mdvholland - Fri 29 Apr - 14:00

HoboTim, check here As far as I can tell, this guy offers two bridges in Z. No prices quoted, but an e-mail adress is given. Matt.

HoboTim - Tue 26 Apr - 19:53

Piotr Ciechocinski BRIDGE!!!! Contact Info??? Pricing??? Throw us a Bone!!!!!

Catt - Sun 17 Apr - 19:33

Kelley, G is not a scale it is a gauge.There are many different scales in the G gauge group. AS far a 1/200 goes that actually is both a collector scale and a gaming scale.

Kelley - Mon 21 Mar - 14:14

1/200 is actually bigger than Z. If you can have things custom made, why not make them the right scale in the first place? Myself, if I wanted almost scale I would go with 3 rail O or G scale.

ejshelton - Sun 20 Mar - 13:02

All modeling is illusion. When one puts a smaller scale in the back it gives the impression of something off in the distance. Exact measurements and exact scale aren't as important as the final look

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Group Date Event
NHRS 1881-07-27 Palmer's Denver & Rio Grande reaches Durango, Colorado.
MICHRR 1887-07-27 Potts Logging Railway is created near Oscoda.
MICHRR 1888-07-27 The Michigan Central Railroad opens a new depot in Battle Creek. It was designed by Rogers and McFarlane of Detroit, one of several Richardsonian Romanesque-style stations between Detroit and Chicago in the late nineteenth century. Thomas Edison as well as Presidents William Howard Taft and Gerald Ford visited here.
NHRS 1895-07-27 The first electric locomotive traverses the Baltimore & Ohio's Howard Street tunnel pulling a steam-powered train in regular service.
ColinCRP 1955-07-27 Canadian National opens a branch line from Hillsport to Manitowadge, ON.
NHRS 1959-07-27 A new solid embankment replaces Southern Pacific's original wooden trestle on the Lucin Cutoff across Great Salt Lake, Utah.

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Latest Product Posts

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
12 Jul 2016 15:01
Reach Stacker I have been working on the reachstacker with the winkle coil grabber I'm presently doing another attachment the container lift attachment just received the part today and photo attached. Being in Z scale it hard to be able to switch out the attachments with...
kmalkowski's Avatar
Posted by kmalkowski
10 Jul 2016 18:34
PRR X29 and a PRR Depot I've been playing with openSCAD recently and finished a model of a PRR depot and PRR X29. Both are available on Shapeways. http://shpws.me/M2ct (depot in Z scale) http://shpws.me/MowD (PRR Depot in Z scale)
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
06 Jul 2016 22:38
May/June 2016 issue of Ztrack now available! Image Link The May/June 2016 issue of Ztrack is now available. In this issue, you will find articles on: Frankenstein, modelling a scene inspired by a webcam Bergman’s Thrall gondolas Rokuhan offering class EF 81 locos DCC for Z......
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
03 Jul 2016 10:07
NTS 2016 Product Pickup With the National Train show days away, we have had a few requests concerning picking up products at the show. Yes, we can arrange that. Ztrack will NOT be selling products at the NTS, but we can bring orders with us. If you are attending the NTS, please...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
28 Jun 2016 01:36
New & Used Tires Here is the photo of the rack of tires! 40 tires IMG_4558.JPG

Latest Forum Posts

tjdreams's Avatar
Posted by tjdreams
09 Jul 2016 18:45
DCC Powered Rotary Snow Plow For those who have not seen it here is my DCC Powered Rotary Snow Plow Its one of Shapeways 3D printed Models that I added my own twist to. https://youtu.be/RI7WwN9f928 https://youtu.be/MbSZ7z-FP9M You can read my build thread over on Train...
rvn2001's Avatar
Posted by rvn2001
05 Jul 2016 12:05
2016 NTS in Indianapolis, Indiana Hi Everybody!! Well....the car is packed with 2 new modules and the other 3 older modules and I'm ready to head to Indianapolis for the NMRA Convention and National Train Show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We'll have a 14' X 18' area with 12 modules...
ZRailFan's Avatar
Posted by ZRailFan
03 Jul 2016 13:08
*Brand New* Prototype NS SD70 (add'l photos) Other images: SD70 View 4 SD70 View 5 SD70 View 6 SD70 View 7
ZRailFan's Avatar
Posted by ZRailFan
03 Jul 2016 13:07
*Brand New* Prototype NS SD70 I was out driving when I saw this, not 100 feet from the crossing. It was idling, with nobody attending, so I was able to get really close. It was *gorgeous*. This baby is so new, you can still smell the new enamel, and there were chalk marks still on the...
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
26 Jun 2016 06:34
Republic Steel Europe has a different way of dealing with steel coils to protect them from the weather. Sliding telescopic roofs or retractable tarpaulin covers feature a lot. In this shot we see both types as modelled by Marklin. The KJB Coil hoods need repainting into VTG...

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
13 Jun 2016 12:38
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Placed my order!!!! Looking to create my second complete set of 8, Happy Birthday Train! Now I need to find a reasonably priced GP35, Undecorated preferably. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lt Blue, Dk Blue, Purple, Pink. One color to represent each...
1Shay's Avatar
Posted by 1Shay
12 Jun 2016 22:52
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Hi Tim, Try Here http://www.needtrains.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&keyword=Birthday&search_in_description=1&categories_id=19&inc_subcat=1&manufacturers_id=2&pfrom=&pto=&dfrom=&dto=&x=35&y=6 .. This should work
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
12 Jun 2016 22:28
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars I just went thru each page of MTL Z on Need Trains' website and still no Happy Birthday cars except for the purple Caboose and all of the N scale selection. I'll keep checking back. UNLESS, they are listed as N in the heading and are actual Z...
1Shay's Avatar
Posted by 1Shay
12 Jun 2016 13:54
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars They are now on line .. Sorry for the delay, Tery
1Shay's Avatar
Posted by 1Shay
12 Jun 2016 01:11
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Send them an eMail .. I am sure they have them off line

Rollingstock Club

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
07 Dec 2015 04:04
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Stonysmith Rotary plow, MTL F7B converted to RSPU two DCC GP35s and Stonysmith caboose means The Shasta route is ready for the onset of Winter Image Link cheers KEV

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