Saturday, July 02, 2016
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ZCS Shoutbox

soccrdad30 - Sun 19 Jun - 12:52

Happy Father's Day!

shamoo737 - Mon 13 Jun - 18:21

I want one Tim length track, plus a Atlas length track, and another Tim length track.

HoboTim - Sun 12 Jun - 22:16

24"? ? ? That literally bites. I was hoping for 36". 36" flex track would give a person so much more Freedom when laying track. I hope they make wood and concrete ties.

Catt - Mon 6 Jun - 12:40

The new ATLAS flex track will be code 55 and 24" long.Got that news this am. :)

southernnscale - Fri 27 May - 13:41

I use the Paint program when sending photo back to Shapeways a lot. It work well but like john said if you resize the photo some time the program doesn't work right when typing notes

SJ-BAZ-man - Fri 27 May - 12:36

If using Paint (and some others), they often 'stretch' or 'fit to page'. Check the Print Settings, Page Setup, etc. and make sure it doesn't resize, scale to, etc.

soccrdad30 - Tue 24 May - 21:16

Hello Tom. You should be able to use the paint program or any other drawing program. These are only jpg images.

t.edmunds - Tue 24 May - 10:32

I can't get the free shipping container models to print correctly. What program am I supposed to be using?ThanksTom

SJ-BAZ-man - Mon 23 May - 02:46

The master: Manfred Lufthttp://www.modellbauluft.de/English-Part/english-part.htmlPremade cast:http://www.modellbauluft.de/English-Part/Product-list-Z/product-list-z.html

Burgruine - Sun 22 May - 07:59

www.bestagernet.de If you are interested to build a castle ruins, you can buy a PDF-eBook with 100 pages and more than 320 photos (after payment you get a downloadlink).Written in German.

mdvholland - Fri 29 Apr - 14:01

Here is @ http://inari.net.pl/index.php/en/modele/modele-mostow-2/modele-z

mdvholland - Fri 29 Apr - 14:00

HoboTim, check here As far as I can tell, this guy offers two bridges in Z. No prices quoted, but an e-mail adress is given. Matt.

HoboTim - Tue 26 Apr - 19:53

Piotr Ciechocinski BRIDGE!!!! Contact Info??? Pricing??? Throw us a Bone!!!!!

Catt - Sun 17 Apr - 19:33

Kelley, G is not a scale it is a gauge.There are many different scales in the G gauge group. AS far a 1/200 goes that actually is both a collector scale and a gaming scale.

Kelley - Mon 21 Mar - 14:14

1/200 is actually bigger than Z. If you can have things custom made, why not make them the right scale in the first place? Myself, if I wanted almost scale I would go with 3 rail O or G scale.

ejshelton - Sun 20 Mar - 13:02

All modeling is illusion. When one puts a smaller scale in the back it gives the impression of something off in the distance. Exact measurements and exact scale aren't as important as the final look

Kelley - Sun 20 Mar - 08:46

There are too many compromises in Z scale as it is. If someone is willing to re size items from 1/160 scale down to 1/200, why not ask them to do it in 1/220, which is Z scale?

rhtrain - Tue 15 Mar - 10:36

I/200 and 1/220 are almost identical in size opens up a lot of items that can be used in z

Kelley - Tue 15 Mar - 07:55

Z is 1/220 scale, not 1/200.

soccrdad30 - Mon 14 Mar - 21:30

Here is a link to a photo album to a wing generator train https://goo.gl/photos/g3z9tWN25cHhwsKEA Enjoy! John

rhtrain - Mon 14 Mar - 15:04

Hay everyone found a maker of 1/200 American cars from the 50s to present day.He has hundreds of vehicals in n scale but will scale down to 1/200 His shapeways id is RAPDPRO They are really nice

JMCmodels - Sun 13 Mar - 13:50

Hi everyone.Does anyone know how I can contact David K. Smith? I've heard he's fighting against desease. I would like to contact with him. Thanks in advance.

Kelley - Thu 10 Mar - 09:40


Kelley - Thu 10 Mar - 09:40

6. Internationales Spur-Z-Weekend in Altenbeken

DAZed - Wed 24 Feb - 20:07

Oh yes totally agree they are major foobs but there's not much else and I got them cheap. xD I imagine them as a cross between your standard thrall 52.5ft gon and a modern version of the drop gon.

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This Day In Railroad History
Group Date Event
MICHRR 1856-07-01 Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Railroad completes its Detroit-Toledo line. It is acquired in 1856 by the Michigan Southern.
MICHRR 1856-07-01 the Detroit & Milwaukee reaches Owosso from Fentonville.
TIMET 1862-07-01 New Constuction by Lincoln - President Abraham Lincoln signed an act to authorize the construction of a line of railroads from the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast.
NHRS 1862-07-01 President Lincoln signs the Pacific Railroad Act, incorporating the Union Pacific Railroad Company to build a railroad west from the Missouri River, and authorizing the existing Central Pacific Railroad to build east from Sacramento to the Nevada border. The bill also provides for a telegraph line along the route. Track gauge is not yet determined.
ColinCRP 1867-07-01 Dominion of Canada is formed by Confederation of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. One of the conditions of Confederation was the building of a railway by the newly constituted Dominion Government to connect Halifax with the St. Lawrence at or near Quebec. Sir Sandford Fleming directed the surveying and construction of the trackage to fill in the gap in the railway system b
NHRS 1867-07-01 The British North America Act creates the Dominion of Canada, which unites the Province of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. As a condition of confederation, the Dominion government agrees to acquire control of existing railroads in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and extend them to connect with lines in Quebec.
NHRS 1868-07-01 West Side Elevated opened between Cortlandt Street and Battery Place in New York.
MICHRR 1870-07-01 The Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore opens their line from Grand Junction to Montague.
MICHRR 1870-07-01 The Kalamazoo & South Haven leased in perpetuity to the Michigan Central.
MICHRR 1870-07-01 The Michigan Lake Shore Railroad reaches Muskegon from Allegan.
ColinCRP 1873-07-01 Prince Edward Island joins Confederation. One of the conditions was that the Dominion Government take over and complete the Prince Edward Island Railway which had been commenced in 1871. The Intercolonial Railway became responsible for the Prince Edward Island Railway and opened the line between Charlottetown and Tignish for traffic on January 4, 1875.
NHRS 1873-07-01 Prince Edward Island joins the Dominion of Canada, and its railway comes under the control of the dominion government.
NHRS 1875-07-01 Opening of the Intercolonial Railway between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Rivisre-du-Loup, Quebec, on the St. Lawrence River, where it connects with the Grand Trunk.
ColinCRP 1876-07-01 Through rail travel between Halifax, Quebec and the rest of the Canadian rail system is made possible.
ACRR 1878-07-01 Philadelphia & Atlantic City Railway defaults on interest. (RRG)
MICHRR 1880-07-01 Grand Rapids & Indiana RR began summer-only "dummy trains" to resorts north of Petoskey.
NHRS 1882-07-01 Illinois Central leases the Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans.
MICHRR 1882-07-01 Tawas & Bay County Railroad sold to Alger, Smith and Co.. Becomes the East Tawas and Bay County Railroad. Line was extended from Prescott to the Michigan Central at Alger.
NHRS 1885-07-01 Mobile & Ohio converts 500 miles of its track between Mobile, Alabama and Cairo, Illinois from 5'-0" gauge to 4'-8-1/2".
MICHRR 1886-07-01 Saginaw, Tuscola and Huron Railroad opens 3' line from Sebewaing to Bad Axe. Converted to standard gauge in 1891 after purchase by Pere Marquette.
NHRS 1887-07-01 Central Pacific acquires control, by lease, of the Oregon & California Railroad.
MICHRR 1892-07-01 Manistee and Northeastern opens line from Nesson City to Traverse City.
MONON 1897-07-01 The Louisville New Albany & Chicago is reorganized as the Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railway Co.
ACRR 1898-07-01 Atlantic City Railroad resumes summer-only "60-minute flyer"; this year, PRR matches it. (RRGaz)
NHRS 1899-07-01 A reorganized Baltimore & Ohio emerges from receivership.
NHRS 1900-07-01 Baltimore & Ohio acquires control of the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern.
NHRS 1900-07-01 New York Central & Hudson River acquires control, by lease, of the Boston & Albany Railroad.
NHRS 1902-07-01 Southern Railway leases the South Carolina & Georgia, which includes the original South Carolina Canal & Rail Road.
NHRS 1906-07-01 Pennsylvania Railroad subsidiary West Jersey & Seashore begins electrified operation between Camden and Atlantic City, New Jersey.
NHRS 1908-07-01 McKeen Motor Car Company is created as a subsidiary of the Union Pacific. William McKeen resigns his UP position to head the new company.
NHRS 1909-07-01 Baltimore & Ohio acquires control, by purchase, of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton.
NCO 1911-07-01 The "Sierra and Mohawk Railway Company" (incorporated by the Nevada-California-Oregon Ry. On June 14, 1911) took over operations of the "Sierra Valley Railway Company."
NHRS 1912-07-01 Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is leased by the Canadian Pacific.
NHRS 1918-07-01 First locomotive built to a USRA design is delivered. It is a light 2-8-2 type which becomes #4500 on the Baltimore & Ohio.
NHRS 1922-07-01 Beginning of a strike by 400,000 railroad shop employees, over unresolved conflicts with the Federal Labor Board. Strikers represented by the AFofL virtually paralyze the US railroad network. This is the first nationwide rail strike in the US.
NHRS 1925-07-01 B&O subsidiary Staten Island Rapid Transit officially begins electrified operation.
NHRS 1935-07-01 New York Central Lines become the New York Central System.
NYCRR 1935-07-01 The New York Central Lines (subsidiary companies) are re-named the New York Central System.
NHRS 1935-07-01 US National Mediation Board certifies the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters as the authorized representative of porters and maids employed by the Pullman Company.
NHRS 1937-07-01 Duluth, Missabe & Northern is reorganized as the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range.
NHRS 1937-07-01 Railroad Retirement Act becomes effective, providing federally-mandated retirement and disability benefits.
NHRS 1938-07-01 ICC mandates mechanical coal stokers on passenger engines of 160,000 or more pounds (on drivers) and freight engines of 175,000 pounds or more.
NHRS 1948-07-01 Central of Georgia emerges from receivership.
NHRS 1954-07-01 Last use of steam, in regular service, on the Central Railroad of New Jersey.
NYCRR 1958-07-01 The New York Central withdraws from The Pullman Company and begins staffing its own passenger trains.
MICHRR 1961-07-01 The Hoboes of America opened their international convention in Kalamazoo, many of them making the trip by rail. [MT]
NHRS 1995-07-01 Formal opening of Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
MTL 1997-07-01 #980 01 020 Pennsylvania Railroad Powered F7A - PENN #9504 - bcr w/yellow lettering and stripes
MTL 1997-07-01 #980 11 020 Pennsylvania Railroad dummy F7A - PENN #9506 - green w/buff stripe & lettering
NHRS 1999-07-01 Canadian National and Illinois Central begin combined operations.
MTL 2002-07-01 #980 11 010 Union Pacific dummy F7A - UP #1471 - yellow w/red lettering
MTL 2007-07-01 #982 01 011 Northern Pacific powered GP9 - NP #373 - black with red and yellow lettering
MTL 2007-07-01 #982 01 012 Northern Pacific powered GP9 - NP #374 - black with red and yellow lettering
MTL 2009-07-01 #982 01 019 State Series powered GP9 - USA #50 - aluminum and dk. Blue w/ blk. Lettering
MTL 2009-07-01 #982 01 181 Pennsylvania powered GP9 - PRR #7000 - Dark green w/ yellow lettering
MTL 2009-07-01 #982 01 182 Pennsylvania powered GP9 - PRR #7008 - Dark green w/ yellow lettering
MTL 2010-07-01 #970 01 101 Milwaukee Road powered SD40-2 - MILW #163 - black w/ orange bands
MTL 2010-07-01 #970 01 102 Milwaukee Road powered SD40-2 - MILW #167 - black w/ orange bands

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Latest Product Posts

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
28 Jun 2016 01:36
New & Used Tires Here is the photo of the rack of tires! 40 tires IMG_4558.JPG
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
21 Jun 2016 15:33
New & Used Tires Here are some new and used tires to just throw around on your layout along the track side or near a gas station! junk yard! there are also a set with racks and a set of rims 24each. these are differents sets. get out that Maginfier mighty small 18"...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
05 Jun 2016 18:11
50ft Gondola's Added a set of Taylor TS 9972 reachstacker with the winkle coil grabber one with boom up and one with boom down. the boom has two section and it seem That shapeways when using the wax to support material gets into the inside and makes it hard to get it to...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
03 Jun 2016 19:23
Taylor Reachstacker w/winkle coil grabber This unit is the Taylor Reachstacker with the Winkle Coil Grabber attachment. attachment swivels http://shpws.me/McA5 IMG_4498.JPG ReachStacker5.jpg
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
31 May 2016 14:40
50ft Gondola's Hello! Here is an interesting piece 3D printed Gondola's normal side 5ft tall 50ft long in Z scale same as the MTL gondola's. This is a 3D printed insert that will bring the side up to a 12ft high Photo's...

Latest Forum Posts

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
26 Jun 2016 06:34
Republic Steel Europe has a different way of dealing with steel coils to protect them from the weather. Sliding telescopic roofs or retractable tarpaulin covers feature a lot. In this shot we see both types as modelled by Marklin. The KJB Coil hoods need repainting into VTG...
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
25 Jun 2016 05:27
Republic Steel Steel Mill rolling stock tends to be fairly specialised. Key items are the freight cars used to remove the molten metal and slag from the blast furnace on a regular basis. Marklin do some ready to run cars but they are European in outline so I have gone to...
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
08 Jun 2016 13:42
Republic Steel Now. One of the lovely things about Blast Furnaces is they look pretty much the same the world over 'Form follows Function' as they say. So Republic Steel can have three guises. Firstly USA in the 1990s, area indeterminate but running U.P, BNSF, CP and...
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
08 Jun 2016 13:23
Republic Steel With both sections installed and some extra roof panels fitted it now looks the part. Image Link Around the back the ore yard served by the Highline was constructed with silos for the Limestone Coke and iron ore. An ore yard crane was...
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
08 Jun 2016 13:08
Republic Steel As I said the basic Marklin kit simplifies the furnace down so I started with the hot blast stoves, stack and gas washer area. This is a separate assembly with added platforms, steps and lighting. It is designed to bolt down to the basebord with 8BA bolts so...

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
13 Jun 2016 12:38
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Placed my order!!!! Looking to create my second complete set of 8, Happy Birthday Train! Now I need to find a reasonably priced GP35, Undecorated preferably. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lt Blue, Dk Blue, Purple, Pink. One color to represent each...
1Shay's Avatar
Posted by 1Shay
12 Jun 2016 22:52
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Hi Tim, Try Here http://www.needtrains.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&keyword=Birthday&search_in_description=1&categories_id=19&inc_subcat=1&manufacturers_id=2&pfrom=&pto=&dfrom=&dto=&x=35&y=6 .. This should work
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
12 Jun 2016 22:28
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars I just went thru each page of MTL Z on Need Trains' website and still no Happy Birthday cars except for the purple Caboose and all of the N scale selection. I'll keep checking back. UNLESS, they are listed as N in the heading and are actual Z...
1Shay's Avatar
Posted by 1Shay
12 Jun 2016 13:54
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars They are now on line .. Sorry for the delay, Tery
1Shay's Avatar
Posted by 1Shay
12 Jun 2016 01:11
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Send them an eMail .. I am sure they have them off line

Rollingstock Club

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
07 Dec 2015 04:04
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Stonysmith Rotary plow, MTL F7B converted to RSPU two DCC GP35s and Stonysmith caboose means The Shasta route is ready for the onset of Winter Image Link cheers KEV

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