Thursday, October 08, 2015
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  • Loren's Highway

Latest Member Z Scale Photos

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    loader garbage truck
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    aluminum coils
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ZCS Shoutbox

Fred - Tue 6 Oct - 05:17

Oh ! Foresooth!!! :p

tealplanes - Tue 6 Oct - 00:51

Moo, are we talking age or IQ?

shamoo737 - Mon 5 Oct - 21:28

Don't be silly Loren, he is only 94.

tealplanes - Sun 4 Oct - 21:17

Fred, you don't look a day or 95. Must b all that Oil of Oley.. Happy Birthday.

Fred - Sun 4 Oct - 14:31

Thank eeeuuwww!

stonysmith - Sun 4 Oct - 13:56

Happy Birthday Fred!

southernnscale - Sun 27 Sep - 00:40

Great video I'll have to go and see it, it's not to far!

shamoo737 - Wed 23 Sep - 22:21

welcome back

soccrdad30 - Wed 23 Sep - 20:03

Jim! great to hear from you again. Bye the way, here is a link for you DODX modelers with raw tank castings! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeV5xGa3nys&t=1m25s

Socalz44 - Wed 23 Sep - 15:36

I checked the members list and I don't seem to be on it????? Jim :O

Socalz44 - Wed 23 Sep - 15:24

Finally found my password! I'm noticing much good Z scale work. Keep it up. Jim :)

PuppySnacks - Mon 21 Sep - 11:35

x2 AZL Amtrak West F59PHI Sets for sale; see buy/sell/trade forum if interested.

rvn2001 - Sun 13 Sep - 17:21

Was he a Grandparent? Then it all works together :D

Fred - Sun 13 Sep - 11:38

Also the day Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Back in 1814

rvn2001 - Sun 13 Sep - 11:07

Happy Grandparent's Day to all of you Grandparents and Great-Grandparents!!!

tealplanes - Thu 10 Sep - 20:48

I have placed 3 AZL brass locos on Ebay this evening.

GNFan - Wed 9 Sep - 20:58

southernscale, contact me at mscully66 (at) yahoo (dot) com

southernnscale - Wed 9 Sep - 01:16

GnFan Thanks! for sharing the photo's Still haven't seen a lot of them would like to get a few shots if you would contact me for which ones

t.edmunds - Tue 8 Sep - 18:27

Being patient is great.... my money stays in my pocket! lol

tealplanes - Tue 8 Sep - 00:25

Tom, I have not had time to take pictures and make lists yet. Be patient.

t.edmunds - Mon 7 Sep - 13:43

Hey Loren? Where are you offering the 'STUFF' for sale?

GNFan - Sat 5 Sep - 14:43

I figured out how to use the "make a movie" (string video clips together, add captions, etc.) software on my computer. My NTS 2015 video

tealplanes - Thu 3 Sep - 01:59

Today I am beginning to offer many AZL, MTL, and Marklin items for sale. I will show pictures as items become available. Best offer to ljsnyder@charter.net will receive purchase confirmation.

soccrdad30 - Wed 2 Sep - 21:00

Mike, great photos! Thank you. John

GNFan - Wed 2 Sep - 14:37

Happy to do it, Animek.

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Welcome to the Z Central Station!  A model railroad site dedicated to 1:220 scale model trains.

Z Central Station was created to provide Z Scalers a full featured online community.  Members can share their Z Scale experiences via our discussion forum, photo gallery, classifieds, videos, chat room and more!  Membership to Z Central Station is free!

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Latest Product Posts

ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
11 Sep 2015 08:14
July August 2015 Issue of Ztrack has mailed! Image Link The July/August issue of Ztrack has mailed! In this issue, you will find articles on the following: US Z Lines Europe Second Module Meeting Somewhere near the Alps AZL releases EMD F3 locomotive sets Archistories arrives in...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
02 Sep 2015 19:19
AZL Announces New Items at Portland NTS So what will the first roadname on the syrup cars be? :woohoo: :lol:
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
02 Sep 2015 08:45
AZL Announces New Items at Portland NTS AMERICAN Z LINE New Products At NTS! AZL has announced a series of all new products during the National Train Show in Portland Oregon. So what is coming? - Brass ATSF class Ce-1 cabooses - Injection SD70ACe and SD70M-2 - GE Genesis P42 locomotive...
Pete Nolan's Avatar
Posted by Pete Nolan
21 Aug 2015 22:37
Chessie System Tug More magic from my Z-Scale European friends: Dirk Kuhlmann from Germany is the photographer, and Sven Rohmann from Switzerland is the leader of the project. This captures exactly the lighting of the photo I worked from to build the ship--the ship is a darker...
Pete Nolan's Avatar
Posted by Pete Nolan
12 Aug 2015 21:21
Chessie System Tug The Chessie was a compact 95-foot powerhouse built in 1984 for the Chessie Systems marine operations. Twin diesels driving twin propellers and a Kort maneuvering nozzle produced a total of 4000 HP. While only 95' long, the tug weighed in at a hefty 280 tons....
rvn2001's Avatar
Posted by rvn2001
10 Aug 2015 14:23
Strip Mall Walls Now Available I have FINALLY completed designing and test-assembling three Z Scale strip malls at Shapeways. The first one is all WSF, has depressions for the doors and windows and just needs painting and roof and roof...
z.scale.hobo's Avatar
Posted by z.scale.hobo
26 Jul 2015 20:11
new from Rokuhan Double crossover Not written in stone and still no pricing provided, but R078 double crossover is slated for release on end of December 2015 or early January 2016. They will update the Rokuhan website and facebook pages when it is available. Frank Daniels Owner -...

Latest Forum Posts

stonysmith's Avatar
Posted by stonysmith
02 Oct 2015 21:05
Shapeways Free Shipping Oct 3rd and 4th Shapeways is offering free shipping Oct 3rd and 4th
soccrdad30's Avatar
Posted by soccrdad30
22 Sep 2015 20:39
Mr.Styrene (Steve VanTil) Thank you for sharing the photo Johnathan. Steve measured, cut, and glued these beautiful cars. I plan to share more of his work down the road. John
Catt's Avatar
Posted by Catt
20 Sep 2015 21:25
Mr.Styrene (Steve VanTil) I received these two examples of Steve's incredible scratchbuilding skils from John K yesterday.Steve was a rabid Union Pacific fan so the wood chip car will be armour yellow with gray trim and red lettering.It will be lettered for VanTil Paper with SVTX...
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
20 Aug 2015 09:41
new player in Z scale Deagostini Tokyo Deagostini Tokyo in cooperation with Rokuhan to create a 100 piece subscription at about USD$20.00 dollars a month at current exchange rates to create a layout with O series Shinkansen on elevated track and KIHA 52 on lower figure 8, the monthly book contains...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
18 Aug 2015 17:34
3D printed Finished up the Woodchip burner with top side walkway and safety Ladder and bottom doors for entry. IMG_3607.JPG Also finished up some more heavy equipment IMG_3612.JPG
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
11 Aug 2015 16:50
3D printed Also did this woodchip burner with conveyor and working doors 69 ft. high. 123 ft. from end of conveyor to the back doors double doors. upper walk way opening for a caged safety ladder not installed. conveyor high is 41 ft. wood chip tower base is 40 ft....
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
09 Aug 2015 23:43
3D printed Well just finish the handrails and printed a conveyor for the gravel pile 80' high conveyor. also another feller buncher a tigercat 860C, Cat 988H log loader, Burror Crane MOW flat car. Also a dump Trailer with dump...

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

PuppySnacks's Avatar
Posted by PuppySnacks
21 Sep 2015 11:32
AZL Amtrak West F59PHI Passenger Sets [x2] For Sale: x2 set's of AZL Amtrak West F59PHI + 4 Surfliner Bi-Level Passenger Cars; #AZL-7002. Road #'s: 452 and 455. Both set's are in mint condition , DC , test-ran and broken in under 1-hour run time on both sets; retain all original factory...
shamoo737's Avatar
Posted by shamoo737
19 Sep 2015 17:49
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Where's the syrup cars. :D
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
07 Aug 2015 11:39
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Updated my list of sale/want items. Items For Sale/Trade: Photos at: plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108735916990594255526/albums/6129901685003090865 (1) American Z Line AZL-90504-n 23000 Gallon Funnel Flow Tank Car Cargill 4-pack Like New Condition, in...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
04 May 2015 11:06
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) All tank cars and gons have been traded away! :silly: I still have the doublestack car as trade fodder, and possibly some other stuff that might be of interest...and in some cases even cold hard cash might be involved. So if you have anything I'm...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
30 Apr 2015 14:41
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Items For Sale/Trade: Photos at: plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108735916990594255526/albums/6129901685003090865 (1) American Z Line AZL-90504-n 23000 Gallon Funnel Flow Tank Car #16314 (from 4-pack) Like New Condition, in N-Scale jewel case. $25 (1)...

Rollingstock Club

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
31 Aug 2015 11:34
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Nutter, What happen to you photo? Here is a 61 foot MOW Burro crane Flat car with MTL roller Bearing trucks. IMG_3623.JPG

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