Friday, March 27, 2015
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Latest Member Z Scale Photos

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    Platform and Storage
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  • Santa Fe's
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  • Sand towers with
    Sand drying House
  • Hits: 769
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  • Hits: 1431
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  • Breaking up Runner
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  • Mi-Jack intermodal
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ZCS Shoutbox

tealplanes - Wed 25 Mar - 12:38

Stony, there ought to be a law against getting Z sclers all excited for nothing. If you're going to have a name that starts with Z, then you better think small and politicians never think small. :D

stonysmith - Tue 24 Mar - 19:57

I was getting all excited.. there are "Z" yardsigns going up all over my neighborhood.

Turns out it's just a politician named Zeitan running for office. :(

GNFan - Thu 12 Mar - 23:32

Loren, I think Fred is onto your "Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence" scheme. Better try something else!

Fred - Thu 12 Mar - 18:08

Oh, YES! Igor--we get to play with his trains 24-7. :p

tealplanes - Thu 12 Mar - 08:15

Don't make me come down there guys.......I will drag you back to Oregon, inprison you in my train room and not let you come out till the modules are finished. No food, no drink, no rest.....no fun lo

GNFan - Wed 11 Mar - 21:30

Oh, the humanity! :O

soccrdad30 - Wed 11 Mar - 21:22

Instead of putting up Loren's posts? is there anything else we can do? plz? lol

GNFan - Wed 11 Mar - 21:06

That's the downside, John K.: we'll all have to put up with Loren's posts again. ;-)

tealplanes - Mon 9 Mar - 23:50

Will wonders ever cease. First time I've been able to post a comment since how many moons ago? Congrats. :)

shamoo737 - Sun 8 Mar - 22:51

John, no x on either side

soccrdad30 - Sun 8 Mar - 13:57

well... the idea was to see if the programmer fixed any of the prior issues :) so I could re-instate the module. John

southernnscale - Sun 8 Mar - 01:07

It really Works to Fantastic! :O

southernnscale - Sun 8 Mar - 01:06

This is cool! This is new!

shamoo737 - Sat 7 Mar - 23:54

John, I didn't get the crossing

shamoo737 - Sat 7 Mar - 12:58

So what's new about it. :P

shamoo737 - Sat 7 Mar - 12:57

WOW! I like it.

soccrdad30 - Sat 7 Mar - 12:29

Test for new module length....

soccrdad30 - Sat 7 Mar - 12:07

we went from version 1.4.2 to 3.1.1

soccrdad30 - Sat 7 Mar - 12:06

There has been a few updates to this shout module. Let's try ;) testing it out now. John

JoomJunk - Mon 16 Jan - 15:00

Welcome to the Shoutbox

stonysmith - Sun 5 Oct - 16:35

Shoutbox seems to have a bug.. we're working on fixing it

The shoutbox is unavailable to non-members

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Steve trib

Latest Product Posts

Hirailtruck's Avatar
Posted by Hirailtruck
24 Mar 2015 12:44
100ton Two bay Hoppers Very nice. Might have to put them on my "to buy" list.
stonysmith's Avatar
Posted by stonysmith
23 Mar 2015 19:12
100ton Two bay Hoppers I've been a bit remiss in posting new items here from my shop: Here's a set of four 100ton Two bay Hoppers: (click the picture to go thru to my shop) Image Link
Pete Nolan's Avatar
Posted by Pete Nolan
23 Mar 2015 10:45
Spring 2015 Announcements in N and Z After my winter hiatus to Alabama, here's what's coming in the next few weeks. All are available in N and Z scale (or other scales). Prices are my estimates and could rise or fall a bit as we get experience cutting and packaging them. Prices are for kits;...
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
19 Mar 2015 16:27
New grade crossing video here is a link to a new you tube video from Rokuhan for a grade crossing set to be available in 3 configurations, Europe, Japan and North America can be single roadway or a dual roadway crossing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjs3DtcZcsk
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
19 Mar 2015 16:24
new grade crossing coming this summer Here is link to new you tube video from Rokuhan showing their new grade crossing to come in three flavours, European, Japanese and North American, suitable to single two lane crossing and can be expanded to a wider crossing...
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
16 Mar 2015 20:35
Intermountain Estimated release in April MSRP US $179.95 Intermountain accepting reservations contact your Intermounatain dealer a-inter-res.jpg
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
14 Mar 2015 09:04
AZL May 2015 New Items Part 2 AMERICAN Z LINE March 2015 New Release – Part 2 It is mid March already. We are excited to release the first E9s in our E8 and E9 releases. As a bonus… we have our first E9 A-B sets! Milwaukee Road EMD E9s: Milwaukee Road E9 A-B set. Each set...

Latest Forum Posts

Nutter's Avatar
Posted by Nutter
25 Mar 2015 07:33
Greetings from the UK. New member here just getting back into Z Gauge after a 10 year break. My name is Mike and I am in my 60's. Still model other scales but with a preference for narrow gauge. My Z gauge stock has come out of retirement and I shall be modelling mainly Swiss....
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
25 Mar 2015 00:20
My new Z scale layout construction thread Hey Johnathan, :( I guess I shouldn't have said anything about your progress! I started on a new layout almost a year ago and still trying to get some progress. I just got caught up with the 3D printing instead. I also was going to say...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
22 Mar 2015 20:38
My new Z scale layout construction thread Johnathan, No progress! What's up? I thought you would have more Photo like DAZed said! count down time is getting close. Your layout looks great so far!
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
21 Mar 2015 23:47
Shapeways new project Oil storage Tank, Sanding Towers, Engine Inspection Pit all 3D printed OilTank.jpg IMG_2977.jpg InspectionPit.jpg Haven't removed the tie where needed yet!
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
20 Mar 2015 14:07
My new Z scale layout construction thread Johnathan, looks like you're gonna have it at least somewhat ready for your show. Nothing a little more paint and a few buildings won't solve at this point.
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
19 Mar 2015 17:36
Shapeways new project Trackside Oil station Small Pump House with piping. SmallPumpHouse.jpg PumpHousepiping.jpg
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
19 Mar 2015 17:27
Shapeways new project Dry Bulk Trailer with Showcase Semi truck. DryBulkTrailer.jpg

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
Yesterday 14:01
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Stack car and gons still available! Going to expand the web and post these elsewhere this evening if you don't act fast. B)
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
25 Mar 2015 09:30
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) The Bombardier cars have been traded. Thanks for the interest.
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
24 Mar 2015 16:41
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Items For Sale/Trade: Photos at: http://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108735916990594255526/albums/6129901685003090865 (1) American Z Line AZL-91601-2 NSC 53ft Double Stack Well Car - DTTX #655136 with Genstar and APL 48ft Containers. Like New in Box, Test...
Mr.JA's Avatar
Posted by Mr.JA
12 Feb 2015 09:23
New assorted Z sale! New Sale of AZL, MTL, Marklin, FR, Full Throttle, Gerd custom builds, Robert Ray kits, IM! Lots of custom weathered pieces. This is a non-eBay sale. I will not list on eBay. Please contact me directly. ThankZ! FrenchieFrogZ Z sale
Hirailtruck's Avatar
Posted by Hirailtruck
11 Dec 2014 23:42

Latest Contest Posts

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
22 May 2014 22:01
Re: Choo Choo room complete. Contest Results so where are all the finished work with all the trainz! The post is here and just wasting space it would be nice to see some completed Photo's for those of us who never gets down there to see it in person! work shop and out side with all the yard work you did...

Rollingstock Club

Nutter's Avatar
Posted by Nutter
25 Mar 2015 13:22
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Std Marklin Z swiss loco with my Zm loco so you can see the size difference. Image Link

Z Scale Events


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