Monday, May 30, 2016
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ZCS Shoutbox

southernnscale - Fri 27 May - 13:41

I use the Paint program when sending photo back to Shapeways a lot. It work well but like john said if you resize the photo some time the program doesn't work right when typing notes

SJ-BAZ-man - Fri 27 May - 12:36

If using Paint (and some others), they often 'stretch' or 'fit to page'. Check the Print Settings, Page Setup, etc. and make sure it doesn't resize, scale to, etc.

soccrdad30 - Tue 24 May - 21:16

Hello Tom. You should be able to use the paint program or any other drawing program. These are only jpg images.

t.edmunds - Tue 24 May - 10:32

I can't get the free shipping container models to print correctly. What program am I supposed to be using?ThanksTom

SJ-BAZ-man - Mon 23 May - 02:46

The master: Manfred Lufthttp://www.modellbauluft.de/English-Part/english-part.htmlPremade cast:http://www.modellbauluft.de/English-Part/Product-list-Z/product-list-z.html

Burgruine - Sun 22 May - 07:59

www.bestagernet.de If you are interested to build a castle ruins, you can buy a PDF-eBook with 100 pages and more than 320 photos (after payment you get a downloadlink).Written in German.

mdvholland - Fri 29 Apr - 14:01

Here is @ http://inari.net.pl/index.php/en/modele/modele-mostow-2/modele-z

mdvholland - Fri 29 Apr - 14:00

HoboTim, check here As far as I can tell, this guy offers two bridges in Z. No prices quoted, but an e-mail adress is given. Matt.

HoboTim - Tue 26 Apr - 19:53

Piotr Ciechocinski BRIDGE!!!! Contact Info??? Pricing??? Throw us a Bone!!!!!

Catt - Sun 17 Apr - 19:33

Kelley, G is not a scale it is a gauge.There are many different scales in the G gauge group. AS far a 1/200 goes that actually is both a collector scale and a gaming scale.

Kelley - Mon 21 Mar - 14:14

1/200 is actually bigger than Z. If you can have things custom made, why not make them the right scale in the first place? Myself, if I wanted almost scale I would go with 3 rail O or G scale.

ejshelton - Sun 20 Mar - 13:02

All modeling is illusion. When one puts a smaller scale in the back it gives the impression of something off in the distance. Exact measurements and exact scale aren't as important as the final look

Kelley - Sun 20 Mar - 08:46

There are too many compromises in Z scale as it is. If someone is willing to re size items from 1/160 scale down to 1/200, why not ask them to do it in 1/220, which is Z scale?

rhtrain - Tue 15 Mar - 10:36

I/200 and 1/220 are almost identical in size opens up a lot of items that can be used in z

Kelley - Tue 15 Mar - 07:55

Z is 1/220 scale, not 1/200.

soccrdad30 - Mon 14 Mar - 21:30

Here is a link to a photo album to a wing generator train https://goo.gl/photos/g3z9tWN25cHhwsKEA Enjoy! John

rhtrain - Mon 14 Mar - 15:04

Hay everyone found a maker of 1/200 American cars from the 50s to present day.He has hundreds of vehicals in n scale but will scale down to 1/200 His shapeways id is RAPDPRO They are really nice

JMCmodels - Sun 13 Mar - 13:50

Hi everyone.Does anyone know how I can contact David K. Smith? I've heard he's fighting against desease. I would like to contact with him. Thanks in advance.

Kelley - Thu 10 Mar - 09:40


Kelley - Thu 10 Mar - 09:40

6. Internationales Spur-Z-Weekend in Altenbeken

DAZed - Wed 24 Feb - 20:07

Oh yes totally agree they are major foobs but there's not much else and I got them cheap. xD I imagine them as a cross between your standard thrall 52.5ft gon and a modern version of the drop gon.

Kelley - Wed 24 Feb - 06:01

But I am putting decals on the wrong caboose, although it is close to what the Mopac had. Why MTL could not paint one red and put on a buzzsaw, but put a UP cabooseon a mopac train set is weird too.

Kelley - Wed 24 Feb - 05:57

I like a lot of AZL stuff but those waffle cars were just weirdness. Only one railroad had them and I think another might have picked up the castoffs or something.

DAZed - Tue 23 Feb - 16:36

Oops, try this again: MoPac Eagle

DAZed - Tue 23 Feb - 10:35

Kelley, I *don't* have MoPac decals, but I need some also, except I need the "Eagle" logo (times 2)...a very small white one that will fit on the ~1/4" placard on AZL corrugated gons.[img=https://lh3.

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NHRS 1847-05-29 Rough and Ready is the first locomotive built by Taunton (Massachusetts) Locomotive Works.
MICHRR 1853-05-29 Kalamazoo's Michigan Central Station is destroyed by fire when two drunks upset a stove in a blind pig two doors away. The fire was beyond the capabilities of the Fire Department to extinguish. An intervening thunderstorm is credited with saving the town.
NHRS 1864-05-29 An immigrant train from Quebec plunges through the open drawbridge over the Richelieu River at St. Hilaire, Lower Canada (Quebec). The exact death toll aboard the Grand Trunk train is unknown (Shaw, p.235 & 477, says between 86 and 100), but it is the worst rail disaster in North America.
NHRS 1884-05-29 Federal act prohibits the interstate transportation of diseased livestock.
ACRR 1912-05-29 Stone Harbor Terminal Railroad incorporated in New Jersey in interest of South Jersey Realty Company to build short connecting link between Stone Harbor Railroad and Atlantic City Railroad at Cape May Court House. (Val, Cook)
NHRS 1917-05-29 President Wilson signs the Esch Car Service Act, drafted in response to regional freight car shortages. The act gives the ICC authority to modify ARA car service rules governing interchange, return of empty cars and payment for use of another railroad's cars.
NHRS 1922-05-29 US Supreme Court rules that Southern Pacific's 1899 purchase of Central Pacific stock was illegal under antitrust laws.
NHRS 1935-05-29 Last but not least, The Milwaukee Road's flashy steam-liner Hiawatha enters the Chicago-Twin Cities market.
NHRS 1990-05-29 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen joins the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW).
MICHRR 2001-05-29 CSX opens new junction track between former Conrail main line at Wyoming Avenue and CSX WB main line at Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. [DJB]

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Latest Product Posts

ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
Today 10:06
Father Nature The Lost Z Inventory Now Available! Image Link Image Link Image Link Father Nature Story The Lost Inventory On December 23, 2002, Father Nature announced to the Z scale community a new line of 33’ woodside billboard reefers. Ztrack first ran...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
13 May 2016 07:42
March April 2016 issue of Ztrack now in mailboxes! Image Link The March/April issue of Ztrack is coming to your mailbox! In this issue, you will find: Deal Island - A Chesapeake Bay Inspired layout A SP & PFE inspired track plan Gaugemaster, 16V adapter is key Rokuhan releases a double...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
06 May 2016 23:29
Log loader Having a few problems with having it printed for the third time not up for sale yet! seems some of the details in the tracks are to small to print might have to rework it again! The first two I had printed he hook move and swivel but the boom doesn't move I...
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
05 May 2016 23:07
Log loader Here is a tracked log loader! 3D printed IMG_4374.JPG
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
09 Mar 2016 14:55
January February 2016 Issue of Ztrack Now Arriving For anyone in the U.K Shasta in long form, with the Dunsmuir module, will be at Macclesfield model rail exhibition this weekend and is confirmed in 'long form' at Blackburn show and Zedex 2016 in the Fall and the big Manchester show in December. Once...

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Burgruine's Avatar
Posted by Burgruine
25 May 2016 16:41
Bridge Kitbash Complete Whow, good job!
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
24 May 2016 20:07
light weight layout construction we have updated the web page several time now as we continue to build the layout.
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
23 May 2016 19:48
Bridge Kitbash Complete ZrailFan, Great job! like it! it looks cool and much stronger and will last a long time!
ZRailFan's Avatar
Posted by ZRailFan
23 May 2016 13:07
Bridge Kitbash Complete Apologies for starting a new topic that's actually the same as a previous one, but it's easy to lose the updates if someone were interested. In any case, I completed the Micron Art's 1083 bridge kitbash and have some description of the build along with many...
ZRailFan's Avatar
Posted by ZRailFan
23 May 2016 12:58
Kitbashing Micron Art's Truss Bridge for Dual Main And as promised, a bit of blow by blow description of the build: http://www.zcentralstation.com/index.php/my-z/test-my-blog/entry/kitbashing-a-micron-arts-1083-pratt-truss-dual-mainline-bridge I had a lot of fun with it and am excited it turned out so...

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
15 May 2016 21:36
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) More eBay http://www.ebay.com/sch/digdoug2000/m.html I'm also selling my RDC-1 if anyone is interested. It's on eBay now too.
xj700's Avatar
Posted by xj700
20 Apr 2016 17:54
FS: 41"x21" Rokuhan-track layout Cleveland, OH Meh, never mind... I decided to hang onto this layout. I tried to edit my threads (actually, I tried to delete the thread) but cannot... Thanks for looking anyways.
xj700's Avatar
Posted by xj700
10 Apr 2016 18:55
FS: 41"x21" Rokuhan-track layout Cleveland, OH Some dude (yours truly) is selling his 41"x21" layout. Asking $275. Might be able to get it shipped, but way too risky. Only shippable in the Lower 48 contiguous United States! It's mounted on a Jamstands telescopic stand & is stable. Check out the pics...
xj700's Avatar
Posted by xj700
10 Apr 2016 18:45
FS: 41"x21" Rokuhan-track layout Cleveland, OH Some dude (yours truly) is selling his 41"x21" layout. Asking $275. Might be able to get it shipped, but way too risky. Only shippable in the Lower 48 contiguous United States! It's mounted on a Jamstands telescopic stand & is stable. Check out the...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
06 Apr 2016 10:43
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) I have some z-scale items listed for sale on eBay. These are all in New or Like New condition. The freight cars are all splits from...

Rollingstock Club

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
07 Dec 2015 04:04
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Stonysmith Rotary plow, MTL F7B converted to RSPU two DCC GP35s and Stonysmith caboose means The Shasta route is ready for the onset of Winter Image Link cheers KEV

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