Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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ZCS Shoutbox

Mr.JA - Sat 11 Feb - 04:25

What's a "trainboard"? Is that what you build your layout on? lol

circusbuilder - Mon 6 Feb - 21:38

Thanks Walt.

southernnscale - Fri 3 Feb - 21:19

There are still some important people that still come here like you said. There is still a lot of information you can find here! John and Stony both great also! thanks to all that still take the time!

tealplanes - Mon 30 Jan - 22:11

Thank you John or Stony. You're both great :)

tealplanes - Sun 29 Jan - 11:31

Yeah Walt,, not much ever going on on this site. Trainboard is much more active

southernnscale - Fri 27 Jan - 20:18

That's ok! tealplanes! No one ever post new things for weeks and never see any thing new. So it's nice to visit and see something new! real cool Photo's!

tealplanes - Fri 27 Jan - 12:29

Hey John or Stony......can you delete a couple of extra pictures I accidentally posted more than once?

tealplanes - Fri 27 Jan - 12:27

Sorry guys, I hit the button several times in pictures. There's only one train,......it is just passing by several times. Been a long time since I uploaded anything.........my bad.

shamoo737 - Fri 20 Jan - 22:52

I don't do fish

shamoo737 - Fri 20 Jan - 22:52

I don't do fish

rvn2001 - Wed 18 Jan - 19:54

I don't do Facebook so this site works perfectly fine for me.

dawdawes - Wed 18 Jan - 11:38

not a lover of this web site prefer, Facebook groups and AZL forum

southernnscale - Sun 8 Jan - 17:58

What happen every one stop doing Z scale? It's a shame. I still come here to see the new projects z scalers are doing! nothing is ever bad seem everything here are craftsmen working at what they like!

stonysmith - Sun 1 Jan - 17:38

Happy New Year!

soccrdad30 - Sun 25 Dec - 23:00

Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a safe and happy holidays.

stonysmith - Sun 25 Dec - 16:11

Merry Christmas everyone!

ztrack - Fri 23 Dec - 08:30

Merry Christmas! For this week, we have Pacific Fruit Express set specials! Two different sets are available! See them at http://www.azldirect.com

ztrack - Fri 16 Dec - 09:34

Week four is here! For this week, we have a buy one set of ACF 3-bay hoppers, get a second set for free! You can mix and match sets! We have quite a few options available. www.azldirect.com

ztrack - Fri 9 Dec - 08:17


ztrack - Fri 9 Dec - 08:17

Sorry I can't create a forum post for this. It is being rejected. AZL specials week three is here! For this week, we have a C&O heavy-weight passenger set.

tealplanes - Mon 5 Dec - 19:38

I have one caddy left, also still have all those good deals on Woodland Scenics.

tealplanes - Fri 2 Dec - 15:23

I just listed some Loco Caddys and woodland Scenics materials for sale.....see pictures.The side ways picture is definitely the computer's fault :D Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ztrack - Thu 1 Dec - 08:06

Here is the link: www.ztrackcenter.com

ztrack - Thu 1 Dec - 08:06

From now until January 1st, take 10% off ALL Micro-Trains stock over at Ztrack Center! Just use the code "MTL10" in your cart and you're good to go with 10% off! This is 10% off are already discounted

Zcratch Jr - Wed 30 Nov - 14:20

2 Alps printers for sale1300 and 5000.My father (zcratchman joe) purchased these shortly before passing.800.00 pair / 500 each + shipping u.s.onlyIf interested email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Welcome to the Z Central Station!  A model railroad site dedicated to 1:220 scale model trains.

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This Day In Railroad History
Group Date Event
MICHRR 1882-02-21 The PH&NW officially opens its line from Marlette to East Saginaw. It has been completed on December 31, 1881.
ACRR 1929-02-21 CNJ inaugurates Blue Comet between Jersey City and Atlantic City in competition with PRR; first U.S. deluxe, no-extra fare coach train in special blue-and-cream livery; operates over Atlantic City Railroad between Winslow Jct. and Atlantic City. (Baer)
RYSTN 1968-02-21 Last run for the Southern Pacific - Rock Island Golden State.

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Latest Product Posts

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
05 Feb 2017 03:05
Southern Pacific #4999 I think that trainboard modeler wasn't one of those great modeler he seem to blame what he can't fix! the cylinder car looks great ! I think he just didn't drill the holes out right. I had one of mine do that the truck didn't ride right! but it does now! You...
stonysmith's Avatar
Posted by stonysmith
04 Feb 2017 13:06
Southern Pacific #4999 A TrainBoard member has undertaken finishing one of these. http://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?threads/my-first-shapeways-project.102655
Pete Nolan's Avatar
Posted by Pete Nolan
19 Dec 2016 18:43
Three European Barges in Z Scale Self propelled barge traffic up and down the Rhine is among the heaviest in the world. These three barges are on the larger size of the range. The models have a one-piece cast resin hull that shows the reinforcing ribs for the holds, precision-cut styrene...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
02 Dec 2016 08:07
AZL 2016 Friday Specials week 2! Image Link Week 2 is here! This week, we have LPG mixed four packs at a very special price! This is an incredible opportunity to get your layout gassy and add a fun mix of cars! Order today...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
25 Nov 2016 16:21
AZL 2016 Friday specials - week 1! AZL's 2016 Friday specials are here! For week one, we have two different deals. Image Link Buy one AZL 3564 cubic foot gondola set, get one free! There are four road names to choose from! These are SP, NOKL, TILX and DJJX. This is eight...

Latest Forum Posts

TailUK's Avatar
Posted by TailUK
09 Feb 2017 08:24
GM Aerotrain model ...600.jpg Having looked at a lot of options I decided to investigate the Japanese angle. I managed to win a ZJ Type 458 set on fleabay for only 25 GBP (a little over 30 USD) I'm hoping that this set will provided a power chassis and enough metal wheels to...
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
08 Feb 2017 21:14
how do you install decoder? It is a bit early to say whether it is a go or no depending on the decoder. A note Digitrax have a smell decoder DZ136T the smallest from Digitrax. TCS Z2 might also be possible , looking at picture it might be possible to lift the coals load and create...
DCC noob's Avatar
Posted by DCC noob
08 Feb 2017 19:00
how do you install decoder? this is my first posting about DCC decoder and now I'm planning to install decoder on C57 steam locomotive from Rokuhan(available in February or March?) But, it seems no enough space to install on it... so, I would like to know if you have plan to...
TailUK's Avatar
Posted by TailUK
05 Feb 2017 07:30
GM Aerotrain model That's good looking model making. I'm looking at the Searails trucks but the Pound is well up against the dollar at the moment so I might have too wait a little while.
skanwork's Avatar
Posted by skanwork
04 Feb 2017 19:23
GM Aerotrain model Image Link Here is the end result

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
25 Oct 2016 09:20
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer Got mine....looks incredible. Thanks for the cool things you do in Z!
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
22 Oct 2016 12:13
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer I want to thank everyone for there interest in my custom builds. The last of the 125ton, 8 axle, HD Flat cars has been sold. If all goes well I should have more in the future. Hobo Tim
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
20 Oct 2016 19:40
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer 3 of 4 are sold. 1 left.
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
16 Oct 2016 15:04
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer For Sale 2016-10-1511.32.17_resized.jpg 2016-10-1511.35.03_resized.jpg Newly Built 8 axle 125ton Heavy Duty Flat Cars with Transformer Loads. RR Scheme - TTX (QTTX131044) Quantity Available - Four (4) Price Each - $45.00 + shipping Shipping -...
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
13 Jun 2016 12:38
Looking For 2005 MTL Happy Birthday Cars Placed my order!!!! Looking to create my second complete set of 8, Happy Birthday Train! Now I need to find a reasonably priced GP35, Undecorated preferably. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lt Blue, Dk Blue, Purple, Pink. One color to represent each...

Rollingstock Club

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
07 Dec 2015 04:04
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Stonysmith Rotary plow, MTL F7B converted to RSPU two DCC GP35s and Stonysmith caboose means The Shasta route is ready for the onset of Winter Image Link cheers KEV

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