Wednesday, July 08, 2015
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ZCS Shoutbox

Zcratchman_Joe - Tue 7 Jul - 15:31

Marklin Collection is being sold on ebay, look for HobbySeller83

TheWag - Sun 5 Jul - 20:58

Congrats Stony and Ellen!

ejshelton - Sun 5 Jul - 13:10

Thx.....he's just perfect....got to hold him a long time yesterday and our Independence Day Picnic....lol

Fred - Sat 4 Jul - 07:01

Congratulations Stony and Ellen-- and thanks Boss for the Patriotic download.

soccrdad30 - Wed 1 Jul - 20:47

Congratulations Ellen! I hope everything is well with granddaughter and your greatgrandson!

rvn2001 - Wed 1 Jul - 00:12


ejshelton - Tue 30 Jun - 13:55

This morning at 9:45 my lovely granddaughter gave me my first great grandson. 7 lb 2 oz 20 inches. She accomplished this in just 5 hours of labor......lucky her.

soccrdad30 - Sun 21 Jun - 10:39

Happy Father's Day everyone! Off to a lunch and to see some 3D dinosaurs today!

SJ-BAZ-man - Mon 8 Jun - 19:19

Oh boy, another 'trainer' :)

southernnscale - Mon 25 May - 16:18

Does it make you feel any older Grandpa!

t.edmunds - Sun 24 May - 10:14


GNFan - Sat 23 May - 12:21

9 lb. 9 oz., Stony? Max is a big un! ;-) Congratulations.

Alaska Railroader - Fri 22 May - 21:43

Way to go Stony! Ya old man! Oh wait, I think I'm older than you :O

rvn2001 - Fri 22 May - 13:46


stonysmith - Fri 22 May - 11:18

Max Stephen Smith (my 4th grandchild) arrived at 8:30am this morning... 9lb 9oz, 21.5" long

soccrdad30 - Sat 16 May - 21:13

Excellent job on the trucks Karin

Alaska Railroader - Thu 14 May - 16:14

I've put a couple dozen of Stony's Shapeways painted items on ebay- http://tinyurl.com/lasermodeler

rvn2001 - Mon 11 May - 12:09

Galesburg Railroad Days Train Show at Carl Sandberg College 2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd. Galesburg, IL Saturday June, 27, 2015 from 9am until 4pm and Sunday June 28, 2015 from 10am until 3pm.

rvn2001 - Mon 11 May - 12:07

Disregard the Galesburg Railroad Days Train Show (s) listed for today. It doesn't happen until June.

Mr.JA - Wed 29 Apr - 07:53

Buyer beware! There is a seller on eBay, buybutlers, that is currently selling some Marklin items. The seller has no clue about Z-scale... no way to test the locos... does not offer returns. :O

southernnscale - Thu 9 Apr - 18:42

Well! Jim29t what was the result of the ultrasonic cleaner bath. Good or Bad?

jim29t - Wed 8 Apr - 11:52

Can I just dump an engine chassis in an ultrasonic cleaner with alcohol to remove hardened Marklin lubricant?

Mr.JA - Wed 1 Apr - 14:14

My Marklin items are now listed on feeBay... http://tinyurl.com/cpfanlt

shamoo737 - Sun 29 Mar - 15:24

Where's the CSX. xD

Mr.JA - Sun 29 Mar - 11:09

Marklin Z for sale! FREE shipping on locos and sets! http://tinyurl.com/q6yhavr

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Latest Product Posts

ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
Today 21:18
AZL July 2015 New Releases Part 1 Jon I believe it is more of a prototype thing. I am not sure if the UP ran these type of cabooses. They had their own particular classes such as the class CA-3 steel side caboose. I did a quick web search and did not see UP wide vision cabooses. But it is...
Heavy-Equipment-Designer's Avatar
Today 15:58
AZL July 2015 New Releases Part 1 Thanks Rob. Is the caboose a UP licensing thing (I dont know how RR companies license out their Logo's and likeness to be used on products)? Or is UP not as popular of a road name as I thought it was? Thanks, -Jon
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
05 Jul 2015 11:28
May June issue of Ztrack Is Mailing This Week Image Link The May/June issue of Ztrack is mailing to subscribers this week. This is quite the special issue. The focus of this issue is Union Stations and how one can create these in Z scale. To go with this theme, we have not one, but two...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
05 Jul 2015 11:27
AZL July 2015 New Releases Part 1 Jon UP wide vision cabooses are not planned. UP F3s are definitely coming. I am not sure when we will be releasing them. We have not set the release calendar as of yet. Rob
Heavy-Equipment-Designer's Avatar
03 Jul 2015 16:12
AZL July 2015 New Releases Part 1 Rob, Do you know if they are going to come out with UP wide vision caboose and UP F3 A and B units? And if they do have plans to do such, do you know when? Thanks, -Jon
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
01 Jul 2015 08:08
AZL July 2015 New Releases Part 1 AMERICAN Z LINE July 2015 New Release – Part 1 THE ATSF EMD F3s ARE HERE!!! Image Link The first release of D&RGW has been flying out of our doors. To follow-up, we now have the ever popular ATSF! Two sets are available. They...
stonysmith's Avatar
Posted by stonysmith
30 Jun 2015 21:53
Micro Trains July 2015 Announcements From Loren Snyder: 2015-07MicroNews.pdf

Latest Forum Posts

SJ-BAZ-man's Avatar
Posted by SJ-BAZ-man
30 Jun 2015 12:18
3D printed The Backhoe will be a nice addition to some I got years ago. Will order. I need to look at more of your gravel works. I have a simple heavy resin casting on my End module that was merely a place holder for a coal mine. I intended to have trackwork come...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
26 Jun 2015 12:25
3D printed Very nice looking items. Don't have a gravel plant on my Z layout but that backhoe is definitely relevant.
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
25 Jun 2015 16:39
3D printed Here is my newest buildings received. The Birchwood Gravel plant. I still waiting for the block wall which support the pile of gravel from running into the area of the building. In the back ground is the Farish Gravel Plant but only the main building. I also...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
23 Jun 2015 11:40
Sankei Paper Models...Anyone? Thanks for the replies. I just ordered the bridge and it's on the way from Japan. So once I get it I'll try to post pics and feedback. It may be a bit before I get around to building it, as July is an extremely busy month. But I hope to have the...
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
17 Jun 2015 18:28
Sankei Paper Models...Anyone? I have put more than 6 of these kits to-gether, they are similar to laser cut wood as they are on heavy card stock and go together with white glue, but you need some metal weights to and magnets to hold things in place while the glue set up. So I have a...
z.scale.hobo's Avatar
Posted by z.scale.hobo
17 Jun 2015 13:11
Sankei Paper Models...Anyone? I saw a post on the Stummis Modellbahnforum where someone put together a Sankei kit: http://www.stummiforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=125509&sid=6cf8024e0822b4f3561fb5e15980049e The price is really good, as the Marklin 8975 220mm arched bridge is around $22...

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
04 May 2015 11:06
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) All tank cars and gons have been traded away! :silly: I still have the doublestack car as trade fodder, and possibly some other stuff that might be of interest...and in some cases even cold hard cash might be involved. So if you have anything I'm...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
30 Apr 2015 14:41
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Items For Sale/Trade: Photos at: plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108735916990594255526/albums/6129901685003090865 (1) American Z Line AZL-90504-n 23000 Gallon Funnel Flow Tank Car #16314 (from 4-pack) Like New Condition, in N-Scale jewel case. $25 (1)...
Mr.JA's Avatar
Posted by Mr.JA
01 Apr 2015 14:15
New assorted Z sale! http://tinyurl.com/cpfanlt My Marklin items are now listed on feeBay.
Mr.JA's Avatar
Posted by Mr.JA
29 Mar 2015 11:14
New assorted Z sale! http://tinyurl.com/q6yhavr My FOR SALE items have been updated. FREE world-wide shipping on Marklin locos and loco set.
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
26 Mar 2015 14:01
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) Stack car and gons still available! Going to expand the web and post these elsewhere this evening if you don't act fast. B)

Rollingstock Club

Nutter's Avatar
Posted by Nutter
25 Mar 2015 13:22
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Std Marklin Z swiss loco with my Zm loco so you can see the size difference. Image Link

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