Thursday, October 02, 2014
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ZCS Shoutbox

soccrdad30 - Sun 21 Sep - 20:24

Jerry Craig's Yahoo account was hacked so please disregard any emails received from this account

tealplanes - Mon 15 Sep - 11:57

Rob, I need to hear back from you regarding shipping charges. Hello?

tealplanes - Tue 9 Sep - 11:50

John, the scene with the Sounder going around the lake is mine, not Joe's. I'd hate to see Joe get blamed for something he didn't do. ;)

tealplanes - Mon 8 Sep - 01:51

Hi John, Just finishing up summer projects and getting my 2 modules out to work on from now on till NTS in Portland.

soccrdad30 - Fri 5 Sep - 07:18

Loren! How are you doing?

tealplanes - Thu 4 Sep - 23:38

No one alive here lately?

soccrdad30 - Sat 23 Aug - 11:43

Congratulations Stony! Talk about being some busy grandparents :)

craZ13 - Fri 22 Aug - 22:40

Congrats Stony xD

craZ13 - Fri 22 Aug - 20:28

Congrats Stony xD

Fred - Fri 22 Aug - 12:52

Congratulations-Glad all is well- Assume the same for Granpapa- :D

stonysmith - Fri 22 Aug - 11:14

My third grandchild: Hudson Robert Cato.. born 9:35pm Aug 21. 8lb 16oz 22 inches Mother and Son both doing well.

soccrdad30 - Tue 12 Aug - 17:08

Sorry guyz... Those are assigned images for the train category. I did not see anything in Z listed.

rvn2001 - Mon 4 Aug - 08:14

Walt, I think they have their scales mixed up.

southernnscale - Sun 3 Aug - 21:09

are these old or new?http://www.hobbytown.com/Category/Z_Scale/1864/

eit27 - Tue 29 Jul - 16:50

Thanks for taking the pictures from NTS, John. Also nice meeting you!!

soccrdad30 - Tue 29 Jul - 16:42

Good Luck Ben, you got that kit for less than half price!

Kelley - Mon 28 Jul - 22:19

Kibri church is a good score.

southernnscale - Mon 28 Jul - 14:39

Great Work Ed I like the Fall look!!!!

TheWag - Sat 26 Jul - 13:03

Woohoo! Got a Kibri Church (36818) that Walthers has listed for $50.00 for $15.00. I think I can cut it down to something southern US flavored.

Fred - Fri 25 Jul - 01:50

Yup- it works now Stony- Thanks

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Latest Product Posts

stonysmith's Avatar
Posted by stonysmith
Yesterday 21:12
Shapeways Price Changes Shapeways is changing their pricing structure for WSF and Steel. Good or bad, that doesn't affect much of my shop. It's a new, complicated pricing model that is affected by the number of individual parts. If the model has a lot of (hard to find) parts, the...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
Yesterday 20:35
AZL October New Releases 1 AMERICAN Z LINE October 2014 New Release – Part 1 October is the time for Pumpkins! The BNSF SD75M Heritage II ‘Pumpkins’ are back! BNSF EMD SD75M: Image Link 61014-1 BNSF SD75M 8259 Heritage II - MSRP $189.00 61014-2 BNSF...
GreatLakesModels's Avatar
Posted by GreatLakesModels
29 Sep 2014 23:42
Z Scale Boxcar Grain Panel Door Boxcar Grain Panel Door Z Scale 010 002 810 006 $4.52 18 Panels Image Link Add just the right amount of detail to more than just your layout! Your rolling stock has a part to play in your miniature empire. Boxcar grain doors have been...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
29 Sep 2014 09:08
Ztrack Resale Update! Image Link Image Link Fall is here folks! I am sorry to say it. We have been busy over the summer adding new items to Ztrack Resale. We do have some very special products that we just listed. These include two rare Micro-Trains...
Guba's Avatar
Posted by Guba
22 Sep 2014 12:09
AZL September New Items Part 2 NS rails are on the east side of my property boundary. I was going to suggest a release like this. Many Thanks! Look for me to get 2 in the near future.
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
20 Sep 2014 09:39
New Rokuhan Products Now In Stock! https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzByZrAx0gLHdG55Ml84RE5wNXc&usp=sharing here are some pictures of Rokuhan buildings including several showing building taken apart an put back together again. buildings some fully assembled, but can be pulled apart...
ztrack's Avatar
Posted by ztrack
19 Sep 2014 16:28
New Rokuhan Products Now In Stock! They are fully assembled. I think they could be Americanized fairly easily. There is some real potential with them. Rob

Latest Forum Posts

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
Yesterday 19:07
Moving a grain elevator That was a amazing Video seem to be impossible to do with the height of the building and the roads they traveled. Really cool!
soccrdad30's Avatar
Posted by soccrdad30
30 Sep 2014 20:33
Moving a grain elevator I hope some of you enjoy this video short of moving a grain elevator. Canada Vignettes - The Move And since I am touching upon grain elevators, here is a cool grain elevator site. Canadian Grain Elevators enjoy!!! John
southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
30 Sep 2014 13:54
Z scale Ballast Regulator mow Rob, They did it again! Showcase Miniatures! all in "Z" http://www.showcaseminiatures.net/z-scale.html The KW Type Tractor for heavy hauling. The KW Type Grapple MOW for maintenance work. The KW Type Heavy Boom truck for heavy...
Hirailtruck's Avatar
Posted by Hirailtruck
27 Sep 2014 00:26
Z scale Ballast Regulator mow Very nice. Looks very similar to the Knox-Kershaw I used to run.
Hirailtruck's Avatar
Posted by Hirailtruck
27 Sep 2014 00:02
N5 or N5c. Sadly, I don't. But I will look for some.
ModelWarships's Avatar
Posted by ModelWarships
26 Sep 2014 14:26
BNSF "Z" decals. It may come to that. I already have a large stock of N scale decals for Z scale Burlington Northern projects. Guess I need to collect BNSF ones too. I was hoping that another BNSF modeler who had already done the hard work would chime in.

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

pm-ger's Avatar
Posted by pm-ger
13 Sep 2014 13:13
If you are looking for Marklin stuff If your looking or search for Marklin stuff, I have a lot of buildings, tracks and rolling stock for sale. Feel free to contact me michalik.pete@googlemail.com
Socalz44's Avatar
Posted by Socalz44
05 Jul 2014 16:07
Marklin D&RGW Mogul and Diamond Special Set Looks like good stuff to me. Good luck. Jim
Stonebridge Models's Avatar
Posted by Stonebridge Models
21 Jun 2014 20:42
Assorted Z For Sale! Most of our Z scale rolling stock is now up on ebay with huge discounts and FREE Shipping!! Lots have flown out of here already but I have added tons more. Check it out! Much of it is out of production...
Mr.JA's Avatar
Posted by Mr.JA
27 Apr 2014 04:55
Re: Marklin D&RGW Mogul and Diamond Special Set Everything is now listed on eBay. Have a look! Z for sale

Latest Contest Posts

southernnscale's Avatar
Posted by southernnscale
22 May 2014 22:01
Re: Choo Choo room complete. Contest Results so where are all the finished work with all the trainz! The post is here and just wasting space it would be nice to see some completed Photo's for those of us who never gets down there to see it in person! work shop and out side with all the yard work you did...
thomasc600's Avatar
Posted by thomasc600
14 Dec 2013 18:13
Re: Choo Choo room complete. Contest Results looks great kids we still don't have tree up yet just back Disney boat

Rollingstock Club

Heavy-Equipment-Designer's Avatar
14 Aug 2014 17:24
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Two 1931 Caterpillar Sixty track tractor with a LeTourneau cable operated blade DSC00571.jpg