Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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new arrivals for 2015 500 Shinkansen, turntable

4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #17582 by garthah
Hobby Search is taking reservations for Shinkansen 500 initial 3 car set 140.00, 5 car add on 173.00 and full 8 car set 310.00 lighting units are 7.00 a car with 2 types one for head end car and one for mid train cars. In addition they are showing turntable for 250.00 and roundhouse 2 versions and they can be installed in multiples with locking base for 34.00 each. 2 additional track segments for turntable gives an additional 6 tracks for 10.00, bridge deck is 130 mm long ( 5 inches) roundhouse takes a 110 mm plus a 55 mm straight, doors open and close automatically, plus an extension cable for control cable from turntable to controller 1 meter (39 inches) ( I recommend getting this as original is rather short 200 mm) 12.00 new EF210 DC electric loco for JRF at 90.00 2 versions Tank cars in blue and green in 2 car sets, 36.00 these are new paint schemes.

cheerz Garth
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